Commercial and Business Litigation

Commercial and Business Litigation Attorney in Alabama and Mississippi

Often times, small businesses and commercial entities find that they have a serious dispute that needs lawyer involvement but they cannot justify spending large sums of money on a big law firm’s hourly rate.  This situation is quite common – a small business needs an experienced lawyer but for economic reasons it cannot hire and pay a large law firm’s hourly rate to pursue the claim.  The small business finds that it is stuck, with no real options that make any financial sense.

  • The Estes Law Firm offers a solution. The Estes Law Firm handles some commercial and business litigation on a contingency-fee basis.  This means you will not pay any legal fees unless we obtain a recovery in your case.  This removes the concern of the large hourly rate bills (that can add up to more than the value of the claim) and puts the focus on getting results for our clients – where it should be.

The Estes Law Firm has experience handling lawsuits that involve contract, construction projects, construction liens, employment, real estate and other complex business and commercial related matters.  Chris has represented numerous businesses and owners of businesses, including real estate companies, construction related companies, insurance agencies, lawyers, and many others.

Having practiced law at large law firms for over sixteen years, even serving as Managing Partner, Chris appreciates the concerns that small businesses have with the hourly billable rate and large legal bills. Chris founded the Estes Law Firm in a way that can address those concerns.

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