Chris Estes of Estes Law firm announces that the firm will be releasing Internal Firm Videos in 2020 to provide On-Demand Answers to common legal questions. The series of On-Demand Video Answers will cover various questions and issues posed to the firm over the last several years. The Videos will be made available at NO CHARGE for viewing. Video Answers will be released throughout the year on questions that are submitted to Estes Law Firm.

Courtroom Dress Rules

5 RULES OF COURTROOM DRESS – What Should and Should NOT be worn to Court.  What to Wear to Court, to a deposition, to a hearing or to a mediation is explained by Mobile, AL attorney Chris Estes of The Estes Law Firm.

***WARNING*** The images and commentary in this video are NOT intended to make fun of the way some people dress. Attorney Chris Estes of the Estes Law Firm provides the non-sugar-coated TRUTH about what should and should NOT be worn to Court.  This video and the commentary are based on 20+ years of Courtroom experience throughout the southeast. Attorney Chris Estes explains and gives specific examples of what to wear to Court and examples of what you should not wear to Court.

Attorney Chris Estes of The Estes Law Firm explains the following 5 Rules for what should be worn to court and what should NOT be worn to court:

  1. No screen prints should be worn to Court. Attorney Chris Estes gives colorful examples of the types of screen prints that have been observed in Court and explains why it is not a good idea to wear such clothing to court.
  2. No excess jewelry should be worn to court. Attorney Chris Estes explains why large amounts of jewelry can be distracting to a jury.
  3. As best as possible, Attorney Chris Estes explains how some people on a jury could make a negative inference based on tattoos. Attorney Chris Estes advises to cover up tattoos as best as possible while at court.
  4. No Club Clothes should be worn to court. Attorney Chris Estes gives rather unique examples of what has been observed at Court and advises clients to leave those type clothes at home when going to Court. Save them for the club!
  5. What should be worn to Court is what is often referred to as your Sunday Best or your Church Clothes. Attorney Chris Estes explains what is meant by that term and how to look your best for Court.

How to Settle Without Paying a Lawyer

Attorney Chris Estes of the Estes Law Firm in Mobile, Alabama explains how to settle a damage claim with an insurance company without having to hire or pay a lawyer.  Attorney Chris Estes shares the # 1 tip on video that should be done to protect property in the event a claim has  to be made with an insurance company for a loss or damage in Alabama or Mississippi.  Attorney Chris Estes also shows how to use a simple phone to document and preserve evidence to support an insurance claim. The Estes Law Firm in Mobile, Alabama regularly represents individuals, families and small businesses with claims made with insurance companies in Alabama and Mississippi.   In his prior practice, Attorney Chris Estes defended insurance companies for 16 years.  Attorney Chris Estes now explains the process step-by-step an individual can use to collect the evidence necessary to submit a damage claim to an insurance company. The following steps, if followed, will make submitting a claim to an insurance company much more successful:


  1. Make a phone camera video of each room of the property that is insured NOW – do not wait until a loss has occurred. The video should be made now with the property owner narrating what is being seen on the video. Attorney Chris Estes of the Estes Law Firm explains each step to properly document the property, its age, value, etc.
  2. Save the video footage to the cloud, on a disc, on a thumb drive or somewhere that is separate from the property that is insured.  Attorney Chris Estes explains that the video should be stored offsite to protect the footage in the event of a complete destruction of the property.
  3. Use the video footage to substantiate a claim with an insurance company. Attorney Chris Estes explains that video footage of the property that was damaged or lost will go a long way in convincing the insurance company of the value of the property.

A REAL Client of Estes Law Firm shares REAL Results

Client Review of Estes Law Firm and of Attorney Chris Estes of Mobile, Alabama.  This in NOT a paid advertisement. These are NOT an actors. These are ACTUAL clients of the Estes Law Firm sharing ACTUAL results from their cases and ACTUAL reviews of attorney Chris Estes and The Estes Law Firm.  These clients were NOT PAID to give the lawyer reviews or client testimonials contained in these videos.  These are REAL people sharing REAL results and REAL attorney reviews from REAL cases.